The Bars&Pipes Resource Liquid MIDI

25th August 2002

Moved files over to FTP.

6th July 2002

Inserted a quick page with some WinUAE help. Added a bootable harddrive set for UAE along with config files.

5th July 2002

v1.15 of BarsnPipes released. Fixed two broken links in the archive.

30th June 2002

Added more Tool links, improved the front page.

28th June 2002

Completely re-created the Tools page. Links to all Tools on their way.

23rd June 2002

Added some missing toolkits, uploaded download files in different formats.

22nd June 2002

v1.14 of B&P added. Fixed links in the download section to some missing files.

16th February 2002

v1.09 of B&P added.

21st November 2001

v1.07 of B&P added.

28th October 2001

Started putting the latest versions of B&P in the archive, with a link on the front page.

14th July 2001

Uploaded the raw text scans (by Gary Goldberg) of the Patchmeister manual.

28th March 2001

Added an introduction to the B&P manual.

17th March 2001

Fixed some stuff. Updated broken links and the archive/documentation pages. Uploaded chapters 9 + 10 of the manual which were not there for some bizarre reason.

24th June 2000

The site is now in existance. Lots of work to be done.