The Bars&Pipes Resource Liquid MIDI

Bars & Pipes Tips

Make an assign to your Bars & Pipes directory. For example, add the following to your User-Startup (in the S: directory)

Assign B&P: <your B&P directory>

Obviously, replacing the latter part with the path of your Bars & Pipes directory.

Now whenever you next access your Tools, Accessories, Songs, or whatever, enter "B&P:" into the Directory box.

If you ever change your hard drive, or move your directory, this will stop Bars&Pipes complaining that it can't find certain files on startup or when loading songs.

Annoyed that there are only 4 markers? Well don't be...Use the Punch In/Out, Loop Start/End and EditFlags as extra markers.

To jump to their positions, you can use the buttons in the Transport window, or the following shortcut keys on the numeric keypad:

    1  -  M1
    2  -  M2
    3  -  M3
    4  -  M4
    5  -  EditFlag left
    6  -  EditFlag right
    -  -  Loop Start
    +  -  Loop End
    /  -  Punch In
    *  -  Punch Out

Change the palette with the "True Colors" Accessory. Here is the colour scheme I use:

 Colour   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
    Red  03 15 13 07 00 13 14 15
  Green  05 15 11 06 00 06 00 15
   Blue  07 15 11 05 00 05 00 00

Only install the Tools you need. Installed Tools use up memory.

Use the Tooltrays (see the manual). They are very useful for storing default settings in Tools, and grouping together Tools with similar functions.

Close the faucets on Tracks you're not using. While open, Bars & Pipes will still monitor those Tracks, using up CPU time.

Clean out your Default song. Constant changing of the Default song can slowly increase the file size, thus making all of your saved tracks unnecessarily larger.

Go to the Bars & Pipes directory and rename the file "" to something else (example, ""). If Bars & Pipes is already running, select New from the File menu, otherwise load Bars & Pipes.

Bars & Pipes will now revert to the internal default song, allowing you to reposition windows and the like. Saving this as default should give you a smaller "" than the previous one.

As a general rule, your "" need be no more than around 40k.

Essential Tools that nobody should be without:

Accent Randomizer Randomizes Note Velocities giving a more human feel.
DeFlam Removes double notes.
Event Smoother Let's you create continuous controller messages.
Modulator Shift a track up or down in pitch.
Velocity Modifier Change Note Velocities by percentage.
VeloDoc Set Note Velocities to a specific value.
VeloFade Fade In/Out Note Velocities or controller messages.

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