The Bars&Pipes Resource Liquid MIDI

This site is based upon a few basic premises which I feel that all websites should subscribe to (and almost none of them do):

  1. It should load as quickly as possible.
  2. It should be easy to use, and the information be as easily accessible as possible.
  3. It should look good in the newest browsers while retaining backward compatibility.
  4. It should be 100% compatible with the !HTML standard, with no errors (i.e. passed verification at one of the HTML verifiers).

I personally use Bars&Pipes Professional on a professional basis, so this website contains everything that I, as a user, would like to see on a website of this nature.

Navigation is very straight-forward. Just choose from the menu to go to the relevant page. Clicking on the Liquid MIDI logo in any of it's guises will always take you back to the main menu.

Anywhere where you see the exclamation mark (!) preceding a word means that the word is listed in the !glossary. Clicking on that word will go to the !glossary and show the entry for that word. On !HTML4 compatible browsers, the !glossary will open in a new window, unless the window is already open in which case it will jump to the relevant entry.

Graphics are generally in !PNG format. This was an important decision to do with filesize and the fact that it is a free standard. All !Amiga browsers can display !PNG graphics by using a !PNG datatype. Some other older browsers (such as some versions of the AOL browsers) cannot display these graphics.

Any reference to "Bars & Pipes" on this website should be read as "Bars & Pipes Professional". The original non-pro version of Bars & Pipes is always referenced as "Bars & Pipes Original".

Any errors, broken links, or anything of a similar nature should be reported to Thanks.